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Ukraine: wood pellets FCA, wood pellets EXW and Europe: wood pellets DAP, wood pellets CIF

ENERGY SOLUTIONS LLC offers different articles of wood. We supply our products to the following conditions: FCA, CPT, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DAP.


1) Charcoal hardwood (fractions from 20 to 80 mm, according to the customer may be a fraction of from 50 mm to 100 mm).

Cartons 2.5 kg with a logo and information to the customer ― 340 EUR / ton FCA Irpin, Kiev region, Ukraine. Polypropylene bags 12-15 kg ― 220 EUR / ton FCA Irpin, Kiev region, Ukraine..

2) Wood pellets made of pine with a diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm, packed in polypropylene bags of 15 kg (with a logo and information to the customer) and big bags of 1000 ― 1200 kg.

The truck will ship 22 tons of pellets ― 22 (20) big bags 1000 (1100) kg without pallets (bulk) or on pallets, 22 tons of pellets ― 1474 polypropylene bags of 15 kg on pallets of 1100 mm * 1100 mm (67 to 15 packages kg per pallet). The 40-foot container ship 24 tons of pellets ― 1606 polypropylene bags of 15 kg on pallets of 1100 mm * 1100 mm (74 to 15 kg package on the pallet). We can lead the delivery of wood pellets from our warehouses in the regions for the convenience of our customers supply.

We work only on advance payment (at least 50%). We can also send pellets in big bags of freight wagons for 66 tons per car. For drawing up of the offer with delivery to your warehouse pellets please specify:

1) ash and diameter pellets.

2) packing pellets: 1000 kg big bags or bags of 15 kg.

3) the address of the warehouse (code unload station for delivery of freight wagons).


+38 097 905 99 73


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